Car Parking Petition

We need your support! 

We are asking Cheshire East Council to provide free car parking over the Christmas period on all Council-owned car parks that directly serve the great mix of shops that we have in our town centres across the Borough.  

Subject to the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions on 2nd December, we are asking that this initiative runs from 3rd December to the 17th January 2021. In this way, the Council can provide a vital ‘helping hand’ to our local retail businesses and support residents to ‘Shop Local’ in this all-important run-up to Christmas and the January sales. 

Neighbouring Councils in Trafford and Shropshire have already introduced similar schemes. They’ve recognised that free car parking at this important time of year, is an investment in communities, with a monetary and social value for Residents, Businesses and the local economy, that far exceeds the short-term loss of car park income. 

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